"iA" wins Award for Best Horror Music Video 2024 in Las Vegas

"iA" is the Best Horror Music Video 2024 ♥

baobabwod production "PTRCH x KEINESEL - iA"  wins the award for Best Horror Music Video 2024 at the Las Vegas Music Video Awards. KEINESEL visits the award show in the gamble Metropole hosted by Jowanna Lewis. PIMA wears the unique red turtleneck Pullover by me, bob b and bob wears a unique T-Shirt by B. BATTERN and unique Jeans by Anne Marie Roth.The show beginns. The tension is almost unbearable until the last moment - and then the release.


"iA" wins against the only multiple Award winner of the evening - Dirty Freaken Joe. With his short movie music video "Sci-Fi-Sam", he was the strongest imaginable competition in this section (click here to watch "Dirty Freaken Joe - Sci-Fi-Sam").


Dirty Freaken, Joe Bryan Leigh Smith , Jowanna Lewis, Keinesel
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