"SUPA STICH SICS" now available

"SUPA STICH SICS" now available




Three times Melon in Selandalia II by SICS, berlin, baobabwod production, Studio 1001

Somewhen in 2021, Berlin, Studio 1001. SICS, in a parallel undertaking, embarked on a dual venture — not only crafting the pullover itself but also engaging in the self-expression of a different kind. Simultaneously, he adorned his arms with a series of intricate stitches, effectively tattooing himself in an unconventional manner. The methodical progression mirrored the duality inherent in the artistry unfolding. The intricate design of "SUPA SICS" shares a symbiotic relationship with the tattoo art adorning the underarms. As the underarm tattoos evolved, growing progressively more detailed, the pulover was created in quiet straight process.

In this process, the act of creating the pullover and adorning his own skin became a symbiotic endeavor. The choice to stitch his arms, the right mirroring the left and vice versa, spoke volumes about the interconnectedness of the creative process and personal expression. The love to black & white. It was the stiching in the fabric resonated with the stitches etched into his very flesh. Maybe you say it is Harām, but doesn´t matter. Already done and still ongoing. Will be, was always.

Against the backdrop of Berlin's encroaching winter, this dual act of creation unfolded more and more within the walls of Studio 1001, where the convergence of artistic vision and personal transformation marked a pivotal chapter in the collaborative journey between SICS and myself. There was "Hanem III", too but this chapter would burst our frame here. This pullover was created in a very intense time.

Now, where does the madness meet the music? In the PTRCH x KEINESEL "iA" music video, of course! This wearable piece of art found its moment to shine in a baobabwod production. Celine, our unsuspecting model, struts her stuff in this SICS masterpiece, making heads turn and jaws drop. You've never seen an everyday pullover until you've seen this black beauty in real life, my friends.

Photo of Celine wearing "Selandia II" a black pullover with many white stichings of the japanese artist SICS

This pullover isn't your run-of-the-mill, whatever that means, dime-a-dozen fashion statement. No, no! It's a artwear masterpiece made by hand with love in every stich. Black cloth covered in a riot of white stitchings that'll make your grandma's cross-stitch look like child's play. Tiny crosses, skulls, and other SICS-esque stitches. It's a chaotic symphony, a visual trip that'll make your eyes do rock´n´roll.



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